Basic Firearms

We offer classes in firearms safety and basic firearms training for all ages and levels of experience. All our instructors are serving or retired Law Enforcement FDLE Certified trainers with decades of experience in training the best.

Advanced Firearms

Advanced firearms courses, including an FBI Equivalency Pistol Qualification Course and long range sniper training. If you are ready to take things to the next level, contact us for details and dates of upcoming courses.

Tactical Training

Space Coast Tactical LLC offers a wide range of tactical firearms courses including: Pistol, Rifle, and CQB. We also run other specialist courses such as SERE & CRAS (Civilian Response to an Active Shooter). Contact Us for details.

Firearms Sales

Space Coast Tactical LLC, in addition to regular firearms sales, manufactures SBR's and full auto firearms for sale domestically (full auto for LE only) and for export overseas. You can go HERE for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions - All FAQs

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General questions that apply to everyone

No-one has a monopoly on the truth, so we explain numerous techniques, tell you what we prefer, and the reasons why we like or dislike a particular technique. We focus most of our training on the things that are most likely to happen and much less of our training on things that are less likely to happen. Working toward ability and skill is not enough; we must learn to apply those skills in context. All of our training is based on the OFT (Operationally Focused Training) model.

We require payment at least 7 days before the commencement of a course unless we have agreed otherwise. Standard payment methods are bank transfer or credit/debit card. See full details of payment terms HERE

A prohibited person is someone for whom possession of a firearm is a felony under Federal law. We cannot accept you as a student if you fall into this category. For details of who is a prohibted person see HERE.

Our classes show the students what they can and can’t do. Then we show them how to work within the limitations they have at that time. Efficiency.

We focus heavily on is building mindset, in particular avoidance and awareness.

Training gives a person understanding of their physical and equipment limitations. Enlightenment leads to an awareness of your strengths and weaknesses. Training helps you perform as desired in a real situation.

  • Confidence building. Structured and informed practice leads to skill. Skill leads to confidence. Confidence leads to the ability to perform without panic when confronted by a criminal predator.
  • Competency. Good training helps build the student’s competency in a variety of appropriate tasks to a level that shooters are unlikely to reach on their own.
  • Liability mitigation. Besides having to win the fight, it is important to survive the aftermath of stopping a criminal predation. Good training helps prepare students for the legal battle that begins after the confrontation ends.

Gunowners who have a firearm for personal defense, those who don't own a gun but want to learn, those from countries without a gun culture and professionals wanting to take it to the next level. People who are willing to think critically about personal defense issues. Law enforcement.

The single largest demographic in our classes are white collar professionals. Only about 30 percent are blue collar workers.

Skill is not intuitive. However, it more or less appears to be. This gives a false sense of security. Training increases your awareness of your skills and abilities. That awareness leads to appropriate practice. Defensive encounters are a complex high level activity that people mistake for a simple intuitive activity. They ignore this distinction at their own risk and the risk of their colleagues and loved ones.

You should train because:

  • Carrying a gun is an enormous responsibility. People need to be sure that they are up to the task; it’s not always as easy as most think it is.
  • Training is also a counter to the enormously bad influence of television and movies. Most people who buy guns today have literally gotten their training from the entertainment media and it’s all bad. Real training helps overcome those influences and build good habits.

Some of our courses do have prerequisites that must be addressed prior to attendance.  For prerequisite information refer to the specific program page.

The best way to register is via our on-line registration system. This system allows you to register at your convenience and receive electronic feedback on the status of your request.  If a program has no seats available and you want to be placed on a waiting list, you will be able to do so right from the programs booking page.  You will be placed on a waiting list and notified via email if and when a seat becomes available.  To expedite your application, ensure your email, fax, and phone numbers are correct.

Questions about training for students who are visitors to the United States

You do not not need a special kind of visa to take part in firearms training in the United States. If you enter the country on the VWP (Visa Waiver Program), you are good to go without any other permission or authorization. However, if you have entered the country on a B1 (Tourist) or B2 (Business) visa, there is some extra paperwork you need in order to be able to legally handle firearms during your stay. Don't worry, we will take care of that for you. More information about this is in the welcome pack you will receive from us after booking a course.

There is no free public healthcare in the United States so you should ensure that you have adequate travel insurance. We recommend that you also have "dangerous sports" cover. Space Coast Tactical has full liability insurance. For more details about insurance see HERE

Normally, you would not be asked for a police background check when applying for a B1 or B2 visa unless you have declared that you have criminal convictions and/or arrests on your record. However, there are a small number of countries that do not have computerized records where they do ask for a written police background check as normal procedure.

If you are not sure where to get one, try this link.

Melbourne, although close to Orlando, isn't a big tourist draw. Because of that, hotel prices are reasonable. We have relationships with some hotels in the Melbourne area and we can get a really deal for you that will be better than the rates you can get yourself. So, before you book accomodation, talk to us.

Ain't it the truth....

"Gun Myth #4: You can easily buy Assault rifles in America. Although people banter around the term 'assault rifle' a bit too casually, in truth you cannot buy an assault rifle in America without going through an extensive ATF investigation and spending $20,000+ (usually $40,000 or more) on a rare firearm."

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