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We offer classes in firearms safety and basic firearms training for all ages and levels of experience. All our instructors are serving or retired Law Enforcement FDLE Certified trainers with decades of experience in training the best.

Advanced Firearms

Advanced firearms courses, including an FBI Equivalency Pistol Qualification Course and long range sniper training. If you are ready to take things to the next level, contact us for details and dates of upcoming courses.

Tactical Training

Space Coast Tactical LLC offers a wide range of tactical firearms courses including: Pistol, Rifle, and CQB. We also run other specialist courses such as SERE & CRAS (Civilian Response to an Active Shooter). Contact Us for details.

Firearms Sales

Space Coast Tactical LLC, in addition to regular firearms sales, manufactures SBR's and full auto firearms for sale domestically (full auto for LE only) and for export overseas. You can go HERE for more details.

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J. Brian Brandley

John Brian Brandley, Co Owner of Space Coast Tactical LLC, Melbourne, FL

Based in the UK and representing Space Coast Tactical in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, J Brian Brandley is an ex-soldier who served in French Foreign Legion in the 1970's and 1980's. His wide experience includes working for many years with military and police dogs and in intelligence/psyops. Since his time in the military he has been involved in several high value projects and was one of the founders of a UK data encryption company, 5% of which was sold to the then BT Cellnet and Reuters for $8m in 2000.

He is a highly competent technologist and for several years in the 1990's he was the Technical Director for a large multi-national group of companies based in the City of London, England. He is named on several patents and is the inventor of the "Internetwerkz" remote CCTV and DVR disaster recovery system, the "Centuryon" military grade industrial firewall appliance, and the "CueTease" platform for online gaming.

More recently he has worked in the Middle East and Africa, including delivering turnkey military & police dog installations and training programs at senior management level. He was the main architect of “Operation Border Watch” a Police K9 project in Eastern Europe executed from 2005 to 2007 in partnership with the Romanian Interior Ministry and publicly supported by Lord Lamont (Chancellor of the Exchequer under Baroness Margaret Thatcher - UK Prime Minister 1979 - 1990, The Rt Hon David Cameron MP - Current UK Prime Minister, The Rt Hon William Hague MP - former UK Foreign Secretary, the Europe Directorate of the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and the Romanian Ambassador in London that worked towards strengthening Romania's eastern borders on the "North Balkans Route"against narcotics, firearms and explosives trafficking by terrorists and organized crime syndicates, before Romania's accession to the EU. He worked with senior Police Officers from the UK and Romania on a feasibility study looking at the use of phsycological profiling when trying to identify female victims of human trafficking under duress at land borders in Europe. Over the years, he has worked in undercover roles for law enforcement and has acted as a consultant on radical Islam for government intelligence services.

After Police dogs,  his big passion is guns. He has extensive experience with many civilian and military firearms, both NATO and former Warsaw Pact including M16, AK47, FN & MAT Assault Weapons, GPMG, LRAC, Browning Hi Power, Glock. SIG and many others. He is a first class shot with both pistol and rifle. He has plenty of experience with targets that shoot back. He is a vocal proponent of standards in professional firearms training. He spreads his time between Florida and Europe.

Pet hate: Instant experts

EDC: Springfield XDM .45ACP Compact

He speaks English, French, Arabic (rusty) and Romanian (conversational).

Countries he has served and worked in include (in no particular order):

  •     United States
  •     Ghana
  •     Kenya
  •     Uganda
  •     Mauritius
  •     Madagascar
  •     France
  •     Spain
  •     Serbia
  •     Italy
  •     Ireland
  •     Kuwait
  •     Iraq
  •     Pakistan
  •     Qatar
  •     Bahrain
  •     United Arab Emirates
  •     French Polynesia
  •     Romania


Ain't it the truth....

"'The right guaranteed under the Second Amendment is limited specifically to the arming of a 'well-regulated Militia' that can be compared today to the National Guard.' - The Second Amendment reads: 'A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the People to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.' In contrast to other portions of the Constitution, this Amendment contains no qualifiers, no 'buts' or 'excepts'. It is a straightforward statement affirming t he people's right to possess firearms. The perception that the Second Amendment guarantees a 'collective right' or a 'right of states to form militias' rather than an individual right is a wholly deliberately inaccurate 20th-century invention. Historically, the term 'militia' refers to the people at large, armed and ready to defend their homeland and their freedom with arms supplied by themselves (U.S. v. Miller, 1939). Federal law (Title 10, Section 311 of the U.S. Code) states: 'The militia of the United States consists of all able-bodied males at least 17 years of age....' Moreover, historical records, including Constitutional Convention debates and the Federalist Papers, clearly indicate that the purpose of the Second Amendment was to guard against the tyranny that the Framers of the Constitution feared could be perpetrated by any professional armed body of government. The arms, records and ultimate control of the National Guard today lie with the Federal Government, so that it clearly is not the 'militia' protected from the federal government.

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