Basic Firearms

We offer classes in firearms safety and basic firearms training for all ages and levels of experience. All our instructors are serving or retired Law Enforcement FDLE Certified trainers with decades of experience in training the best.

Advanced Firearms

Advanced firearms courses, including an FBI Equivalency Pistol Qualification Course and long range sniper training. If you are ready to take things to the next level, contact us for details and dates of upcoming courses.

Tactical Training

Space Coast Tactical LLC offers a wide range of tactical firearms courses including: Pistol, Rifle, and CQB. We also run other specialist courses such as SERE & CRAS (Civilian Response to an Active Shooter). Contact Us for details.

Firearms Sales

Space Coast Tactical LLC, in addition to regular firearms sales, manufactures SBR's and full auto firearms for sale domestically (full auto for LE only) and for export overseas. You can go HERE for more details.

Your comments are really important to us. Please provide your honest feedback, good OR bad. Here are some testimonials from our students:

If you are thinking of getting theater specific training, these are the go to guys. Great training, great price. Thanks to Howie, Brian and the guys.
Date of Posting: 17 December 2016
Posted By: Dave Adams
Northern Iraq
Thank you for the great training. I got the job :)
Date of Posting: 11 August 2016
Posted By: Vasile Bogdanovic
This was my first experience with operationally focused training. It works
Date of Posting: 16 May 2016
Posted By: Bill Anderson
Well, I used to be one of those Brits that thought the Americans were a little too much sure of themselves. Not any more, these guys REALLY know their stuff. Worth every penny
Date of Posting: 27 August 2015
Posted By: A happy bunny
Space Coast Tactical were recommended to me by a friend of mine who did some pre-deployment courses with them.

I just completed the recent Tactical Preparedness 101 course with Space Coast Tactical. As the only student on the course from a country where we don't have access to guns, I thought I'd be at a disadvantage. I was wrong. The instructors were really good and spent extra time with me to ensure that I got the maximum from the course. After completing my course I feel much more confident and have already booked myself on a couple of tactical courses later this year. While I was there the guys told me that they have a partnership with a UK close protection training provider who will be including Space Coast Tactical's firearms courses as part of their package later this year.

I highly recommend Space Coast Tactical as a training provider
Date of Posting: 25 June 2015
Posted By: Thomas Wilson
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
My 2 friends and I went on a Tactical Preparedness 101 course. I was a little nervous about travelling to America for training but Space Coast Tactical made it easy for me. They even found us cheap tickets from Manchester to Sanford Airport in Orlando with Thomas Cook. I had a great 2 weeks in Melbourne with my mates
Date of Posting: 03 March 2015
Posted By: Bill Owen
Great Training
These guys are the greatest. This was the best experience of my life, they made me and my colleagues feel at home from the very beginning. The 10 day course (Pre-Deployment & Tactical Firearms) was arranged by our employer who now exclusively use Space Coast Tactical. Unlike the previous training provider my company used to use, the instructors are the real deal and have seen combat. Can't wait for the refresher next year :)
Date of Posting: 21 February 2015
Posted By: Brian Jones
Birmingham, UK
These guys are awesome. The CRAS course was an eye opener. They told me that they will be doing a 2 day follow up course to this soon that will be more in depth. Can't wait
Date of Posting: 20 January 2015
Posted By: Jack Williams
Ocala, Florida
CRAS Couse
8 of us attended this course because we found job in the Middle East that required us to have good experience of M16/AR15 weapons but we cannot get this experience in Eastern Europe. Space Coast Tactical were recommended to us by a friend from Braila who knows one of the owners of the company. It was a very good course (5 days) with lots of instruction and working in a shoot house with simunition. Anyway, we got the job and our employer was impressed and accepted Space Coast Tactical certificates no problem. Nice surprise was that one of owner's wife is from Romania :)
Date of Posting: 12 March 2014
Posted By: Adrian Georgescu
Constanta, Romania
Tactical Rifle
I did this at the same time as Tom and his brother Eric. I agree, it was great!
Date of Posting: 09 March 2014
Posted By: Denice Yoxall
Toronto, Canada
FBI Equivalency Pistol Qualification Course

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