Basic Firearms

We offer classes in firearms safety and basic firearms training for all ages and levels of experience. All our instructors are serving or retired Law Enforcement FDLE Certified trainers with decades of experience in training the best.

Advanced Firearms

Advanced firearms courses, including an FBI Equivalency Pistol Qualification Course and long range sniper training. If you are ready to take things to the next level, contact us for details and dates of upcoming courses.

Tactical Training

Space Coast Tactical LLC offers a wide range of tactical firearms courses including: Pistol, Rifle, and CQB. We also run other specialist courses such as SERE & CRAS (Civilian Response to an Active Shooter). Contact Us for details.

Firearms Sales

Space Coast Tactical LLC, in addition to regular firearms sales, manufactures SBR's and full auto firearms for sale domestically (full auto for LE only) and for export overseas. You can go HERE for more details.

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By purchasing a course or any other product from Space Coast Tactical LLC by any means you implicitly agree to the following:


We are not responsible for acquiring visas for you to allow you to enter the United States, you must do this yourself, although we will provide written confirmation of your booking to assist you in applying for a visa if you should need one. British Citizens and many others can enter the United States WITHOUT a visa under the VWP (Visa Waiver Program). For a full list of nationalities eligible for the VWP see HERE


Space Coast Tactical LLC provides firearms training courses, tactical training and professional armed security related courses in the United States and West Africa. For training taking place in the United States, if you are not a citizen or permanent resident of the United States of America, unless you have the right paperwork, even touching a firearm is regarded as possession and YOU CAN GO TO JAIL. We don't want you to go to jail, we'd much rather you spent your time here learning how to shoot smiley and having a good time. So, in order to make sure you are legal to possess firearms,  we will arrange any and all Federal and State permissions and any other authorizations necessary for you, as a foreign national, to be able to temporarily legally possess and use firearms during your visit to the United States. Any fees due for this to the State of Florida and/or the Federal Government are not included in the price of your course or holiday andmay incur a small additional fee - see individual course information for details.


We require payment for all courses in advance. Normally this must be made within 7 days of registering for a course. Failure to do so will result in the cancellation of your booking and the re-allocation. Normally payment for your course is made by electronic bank transfer. However, we do understand that some people prefer to pay by credit card and we can accept most major cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express. There is a 2% surcharge when you pay by credit card. If you wish to pay by card, please contact us BEFORE registering for a course. We use PayPal as a our credit card processor. Space Coast Tactical LLC are a verified PayPal Merchant and therefore any purchase you make with us through PayPal is covered by their Buyer Protection Scheme. Instructions on how to pay will be included in the email that we send you after you register.


You have the right to cancel. If you cancel your booking up to 7 days after purchase, and a minimum 14 days before the start of your course,  we will refund your payment in full by the method you paid, less an admin charge of $50. If you ask us to cancel your booking more than 7 days after purchase, unless you have a prior arrangement with us, we may not refund you but, if you wish, we will credit you the refund amount to use on another course. In plain English this means that 7 days after paying for a course with us your payment becomes non-refundable but can be transferred towards another course. The reason for this is that, in order to run a training course, we require a minimum amount of people or the course cannot be held. We strongly urge you to take out travel insurance that covers cancellation of activities in case of emergencies. See "INSURANCE" below.


Space Coast Tactical is comprehensively insured for any liability arising out of any incident deemed to have been caused by the company, it's management and instructors. This includes incidents involving firearms. We strongly urge you to take out your own adequate Travel Insurance. You must do this yourself, we cannot arrange this for you. You should make sure that your travel insurance covers you for dangerous sports. If you have to cancel your course or holiday due to unforeseen emergencies, you can recover your money through your insurance. For UK residents, we recommend Direct Line Travel Insurance. Please ensure that:

  • your insurance covers you for the countrie(s) where your course is being held
  • you are covered for dangerous activities
  • you have sufficient medical cover with repatriation


Ain't it the truth....

"What makes a rifle an 'assault' rifle? It must have a fire selector switch that can select between single shot, a three-round burst shot, or full-auto fire. None of the civilian AR-15s have these features. Neither do any of the 'scary-looking' battle rifles sold in gun shops."

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